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As you have already guessed, there is lots of info out on the net.  Wolfdog Education and Wolfdog 101 starts now without the drama of facebook group junkies with ego's that vie for everyone's attention as they spew more than you might be ready to deal with and their versions, backed by attitude and pseudo science.

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These types of animals have no breed, which is the WOLFDOG

Here on these pages we explore all the options of what is the wolfdog

We have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge presented in a very open minded way regarding this majestic creature that is not to be feared, but to be respected. 

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The site contains a real A TO Z  look at the wolfdog that is presented like a book in its various tabs/buttons, as we cover all the topics that would indeed be the wolfdog/hybrid.

We hope that you gleen and take away not the defined absolutes that some may insist on, but the science of this animal (WOLF AND CANINE) backed up by lots of references.

We ask all that come to visit us for info, to do their own studies in these animals (WOLF AND THE CANINE.) as you are the independent thinker, and this is the mind we speak too! 

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