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Disclaimers:  We do not breed adult indigent rescued animals, they are for adoptions only.

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We would love to first say how passionate we are about WOLFDOGS, We feel these are the ultimate companion for the experienced/committed dog owner .

  These dynamic animals truly are for those willing to nurture their nature.  This requires , commitment, patience and yes lots of humor.  There is so much to know, and not enough info out there about these majestic creatures, as they are of the most misunderstood animals.  The best owner is a educated , in all aspects of dog and wolf behaviors, as a wolfdog is a blending/marriage of the two.  If you can invest your time and resources, this will be your long time best friend with the ultimate rich of a beautiful friendship that is like no other.  Wolfdogs are in my opinion, a little slice of heaven on earth.

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